What Our Clients Say About Us

I was charged with sexual assault. The police were saying that I raped my neighbor. If I was found guilty, I was facing a mandatory life sentence in prison. I figured that everyone would automatically believe the woman, just like the police did. Andrew stood by me and always believed in me. Right before trial, even though the lady was still saying it happened, Andrew convinced the District Attorney to dismiss my case. Andrew saved my life and is the reason I was exonerated and am able to be with my kids today.

- Omar F.

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I was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a minor. Even though the sex was consensual, because she was under age, I was facing up to life in prison. The girl's parents wanted me to go to prison and at one point the DA was offering 15 years in prison. Andrew stood by my side and fought for me. Andrew got the DA to agree to deferred adjudication probation where I was never found guilty of the offense and have no felony conviction on my record. I thought my life was over but because of Andrew I still have a future.

- Chris R.

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My daughter was arrested for violating her probation. Andrew helped explain the process and the options available to use. His advise and counsel helped ease our minds and any confusion we may have had with the legal process. Despite Probation wanting her to go to jail, Andrew got the DA and Judge to allow her to stay on her probation and successfully complete it.

- Alice L.

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Andrew Preece represented me on a felony DWI and a felony evading arrest. I first had another attorney but he did nothing on my case and just had me sit in jail. I hired Andrew on a Thursday and he had me in court the next week. I could have gotten up to twenty years on the DWI but Andrew got the DA to agree to not charge me as a repeater. He then got me a plea deal for the minimum on the felony DWI and the DA agreed to drop the evading arrest. I also had another DWI out of county and he got me time served on it. After a entered the plea, I was back home in a matter of months.

- Alvaro E

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I had fallen behind on my child support. With interest I ended up owing over $30,000. I was arrested and was told by the Judge that I wouldn’t get out until I paid the money or went to court, which was over a month away. Andrew talked to the Judge and Attorney General and got me released pending my court date. At court, my ex-wife and the Attorney General wanted me to stay in jail until the money was paid. Andrew got the Judge to agree to a payment plan I could afford and kept me out of jail.

- Juan N.

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I hired Andrew when my probation officer filed a motion to revoke my probation. My PO told me that my probation was going to be revoked and I would be sent to jail. She also issued a warrant for my arrest and told me that I wouldn’t have a bond. Andrew talked to the Judge and got a bond for me. He then helped me turn myself in at the courthouse so that I wouldn’t have to go to the actual jail. When we went to court, he got the Judge and District Attorney to agree not to send me to jail and to let me off of my probation early. I went into court scared that I would be going to jail and walked out not even on probation anymore.

- Michelle D.

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My 16 year old daughter was refusing to see her father for summer visitation. He thought I was forcing her not to go with him. He filed a contempt of court against me asking the Judge to send me to jail. We had a trial in front of a Judge and won with the Judge dismissing the contempt. A month or two later, we had another hearing with a Judge where Andrew got the Judge to increase my child support from my ex-husband.

- Oralia L.