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Were you arrested for a felony? Do you have any misdemeanor charges on your criminal record? If so, you could have your criminal records sealed or expunged with the help of an experienced expunction attorney in San Antonio, Texas.

At the Law Offices of Andrew Preece, I have helped many clients throughout Bexar County and the South Central Texas region, clear their criminal records. Even though you may have had the charges dropped or a case dismissed in court, employers and schools can still run a background check and find an existing criminal record relating to your arrest. If you have the record cleared through expunction, you can legally deny ever having a criminal record, if asked by anyone.

Contact the Law Offices of Andrew Preece, located in San Antonio, Texas, if you or someone you know has had criminal charges brought against them and would like to clear their record. Call 210-299-7654 to schedule a free consultation. I am available to personally assist you with any questions or legal concerns you may have regarding the expunction process.

Starting Over with a Clean Slate - San Antonio Expunction Attorney

Having a criminal record follow you around for the rest of your life can take away opportunities you would have had otherwise. Even if you committed a crime as a juvenile, your existing record could still cause you to miss out on getting the kind of education or employment you desire.

My law office can help individuals and parents of children charged with juvenile crimes, to petition for expunction in a civil district court. I can help you understand the process and inform you of every option available to your specific situation. My goal is to ensure you can move on with your life, without the unnecessary stigma associated with your criminal past.

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To learn more about expunction and how I can help you clear your criminal record, schedule a free consultation, by calling 210-299-7654, or contact the Law Offices of Andrew Preece in San Antonio, Texas today. I am available to help you, 24/7.