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Whether your son or daughter has committed a crime, it’s important to understand that all minors, from the age of 10 to 16 in Texas, can be prosecuted and convicted for their crimes, regardless if they were arrested for a misdemeanor or serious felony offense.

Since the juvenile criminal justice system is different from the adult criminal justice system, in which juvenile crimes avoid jury trials and have their cases decided by a judge, many times police officers, probation officers, and prosecutors will push for the maximum jail sentence.

I am attorney Andrew Preece, and for more than a decade, I have worked with children and families throughout Bexar County, Medina County, Bandera County, and all over South Central Texas, who need experienced legal guidance pertaining to their juvenile crime situation.

Contact the Law Offices of Andrew Preece in San Antonio, Texas, if you need an aggressive juvenile crimes defense attorney. I work hard to ensure my client’s rights are protected and can provide sound legal advice that may help to avoid time spent in a youth penitentiary. If you have any concerns about a juvenile crime case, call 210-299-7654, for a free initial consultation.

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At the Law Offices of Andrew Preece, my staff and I take your legal concerns, regarding your child’s wellbeing, very seriously. If you’re unsure about what to do and how we can help you, all you have to do is contact our office to schedule a free consultation. There’s no time to waste when your child is facing a possible conviction or permanent mark on their record. The sooner I can take action, the better chance your child has at getting their case dismissed.

My law firm has taken on many juvenile crime cases, involving:

Since a juvenile crime conviction can stay on your child’s record for life, unless it’s cleared through expunction, we fight to create a winning defense strategy, so that your child can move on with their life intact.

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