Sex Crimes

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Anyone who is accused of committing a sex crime immediately faces public scrutiny. Not only is your reputation affected, but the lifelong consequences of being charged, arrested, or convicted of a sex crime may include job loss, imprisonment, and having to register as a sex offender.

The Law Offices of Andrew Preece in San Antonio, Texas, understands the seriousness of sex crime allegations. With more than a decade of experience representing clients throughout Bexar County, Medina County, Bandera County, and the South Central Texas region, my law firm has devoted the time and attention it takes to provide aggressive criminal defense to those who need effective legal guidance against sex crime charges and a strong advocate in court.

I am attorney Andrew Preece, and if you have been charged with a sex crime, I will personally handle your case, should you retain my legal services. My clients can be confident in knowing that I will keep them informed of the best legal options available to their specific needs.

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There are many issues surrounding sex crime allegations. In some cases concerning divorce, fathers may be falsely accused of sexually abusing their children in order for the mother to gain full child custody rights. In other cases, it could be a student involved in a mutually consenting relationship with a teacher, but due to significant age difference, statutory rape charges may be brought against the teacher. Regardless of the type of sex crime you are accused of committing, it’s important to seek experienced legal counsel to ensure your rights are protected.

The Law Offices of Andrew Preece represents clients charged with various sex crimes including:

Sex crime charges in the state of Texas are taken very seriously, and you need an attorney with effective legal strategies, and who is not afraid to go to trial on your behalf.

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